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Yoga and Fitness (Revitalise & Reshape), In Room Services (Yoga & Fitness)
MAT PILATES | 45 min

This series of effective low impact exercises tone every part of the body with an emphasis on core strengthening. It will improve your muscles strength, endurance and your posture and will help prevent injuries.

€70 per person
€115 per couple

CARDIO HIT | 35 min

Challenge yourself with this high- intensity cardiorespiratory training that alternates between brief bursts of dynamic exercise and short periods of active recovery. This rewarding full body workout will make you push your limits.

€60 per person
€100 per couple

10-10-10 | 35min

Feel the burn with this 3x10min workout that will sculpt and strengthen your abs, legs and glutes and arms using bodyweight and weights.

€60 per person
€100 per couple

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