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Trinidad Vigia

Strength: Medium │ Length: 110 │ Ring: 54
A beautiful city and world heritage site in southern Cuba was the inspiration for the name of the famous cigar, Trinidad. Although initially started as gifts to diplomats within a few years they circulated normally in the market. The excellent quality and their great demand was the reason for the change of their place of production. From the Cohiba plant, moved to Pinar del Rio. Aficionados consistently prefer the handmade Trinidad cigars with the full taste and moderate intensity, they offer moments of enjoyment.
Pairing: Zacapa XO A blend of rums up to 25 years old with an extra ageing in France oak barrels that previously held cognac gives to the rum a complex toffee and dried fruit notes. Also a perfectly balanced combination of sweetness, spice, fruit, vanilla and spirit helps the wonderful, deep and elegant finish of the cigar.

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